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It takes more than talent to be a great player.    In a game of inches, preparation can be the difference between winning and losing.  Practice regimens differ by sport but all have the same goal in mind:  To prepare to play at the highest level possible come game day, to create any edge possible, and to take full advantage of any opportunity presented.  There is no substitute for live competition, but the challenge is to prepare for what may come in the most effective way possible.  Bridging the gap between practice and live competition is difficult, but the best find a way to prepare for any obstacle that may come their way.   

The Ultimate Defender, "UD", is a revolutionary new training device that creates the most effective, realistic way to close the gap. The Ultimate Defender's concept is quite simple, but powerfully effective. Originally created for basketball and football, the Ultimate Defender has taken training to the next level by creating a challenging experience which simulates live competition like never before. Great technique is the foundation for success in all sports, and the Ultimate Defender has proven to mold game-ready technique without changing the format of practice. The Ultimate Defender enables athletes to use visualization training while actively competing,"ACTIVE VISUALIZATION" in order to prepare mentally while physically improving technique. Following many reps with the Ultimate Defender, athletes reported that, while in the game, they experienced a "feeling", a déjà vu sensation, as if having already been there.

Many players have been told to “visualize” an opponent on the court or field, in which they will then work to shoot over or throw around, but this approach gives no immediate feedback.  The Ultimate Defender provides instantaneous feedback so that players and coaches can make key adjustments in practice, rather than in live competition, when it may be too late.  Training with the Ultimate Defender is truly a unique experience, as it can be incorporated into any practice regimen in a variety of sports, to help remove the element of surprise come game day, all while developing excellent technique.

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