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"The Ultimate Defender is an extremely effective device in the discipline of visualization training.  The Ultimate Defender works as a replay system, simulating what could happen in real competition, therefore "training the mind" and enhancing muscle memory." 

Ed T. Rush, NBA Development and Recruitment, Former Director of Officiating, Assistant Football Coach at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

“The Ultimate Defender is a great training aid. It definitely helps the shooter focus on the basket and not on the defense. It also creates a nice lift in the shot which helps give you the ‘shooters touch’.”

Mark Moschella, Girls Basketball Coach, Bishop Guilfoyle HS, 2007 PA Single" A" State Champs

"My 10-year old son, Zach, and I were throwing a football around on a local, high school football field. Zach was annoyed with there being a soccer goal in our way as we worked our way up and down the field. I turned this obstacle into an opportunity! I positioned us on opposite sides of this obstruction and began instructing Zach on the importance for the QB to be able to deliver some nice touch passes over DLs, LBs, and such. Not everything can be "zipped in there". How do you get a youngster, even with a wild imagination, to simply pretend there's someone between you as the QB and your intended target, Dad the receiver? Well, the goal post would serve as arms extended in our way and we would now need some loft on the ball, so it cleared, to drop into the arms of our not-too-far receiver! It wasn't more than a couple weeks later that Bob Crook walked into our offices with a prototype version of the Ultimate Defender, seeking some engineering assistance ...."

Mike Yurkewicz, Plastics Technology Center

"We saw immediate results the very first time she used it and continue to see constant improvement because of the Ultimate Defender."

Daryl Williams, parent

"The Ultimate Defender is the most exciting product I've seen for sports training. This product is so unique because it can be used for multiple sports. Whether it is basketball or football, this product offers athletes a chance to hone their skills. I can see schools across the U.S. having the Ultimate Defender."

David Mika, Jr., Owner, EasternPAFootball.com & WesternPAFootball.net

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